Sep 26, 2016 4:51 PM

9th Annual Student Design Competition

Written by Heather Tyrrell


The WEAO YP Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) are pleased to present the 9th annual Student Design Competition (SDC)...

This year’s project is being hosted by the City of Toronto, and is centered around stormwater management, low-impact development, and green infrastructure at Exhibition Place. Copies of the project statement and competition guidelines can be found at the links below. These documents contain lots of additional information about this year’s project, and about the competition itself.

The SDC provides an opportunity for student teams from Colleges and Universities from across Ontario to work on a real-world problem and apply concepts learned through their education. Teams are challenged to develop a wide variety of technical and soft skills through the competition, and are given the opportunity to present their unique solutions and network with professionals from the water industry. Each year, a winning team is selected to represent Ontario at an international student design competition at the WEF Technical Exhibition and Conference.

For additional information about the competition, please read through materials from previous competitions below, or email Graham Seggewiss at





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