Jun 27, 2017 1:48 PM

Ops Challenge Events

Written by Water Environment Association of Ontario


Operations Challenge Competition Events


  • Collection Event

    • This event simulates connecting a 4-inch PVC lateral sewer to an 8-inch PVC sewer pipe while in service (wet pipe), and identify images of known pipe defects from the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP).  

  • Lab Event

    • Using sophisticated laboratory equipment, the operators must simulate an event performing a BOD analysis using the YSI ProOBOD optical BOD probe.  All steps of the procedure including a calculation must be performed from memory while racing against the clock.  LAB procedure judge sheets and a calculation example is posted on the WEF website http://rmwea.org/OC/  

  • Maintenance (Pump) Event

    • The purpose of this event is to test the skills of a maintenance / operating team to respond to a severe weather condition resulting in a lift station pumping outage. A Godwin Dri-Prime 4 x 3 diesel driven sewage handling trailer mounted pump set will be used to respond to the need for an emergency backup pump at a lift station.

    • The maintenance portion of this event is focused on the routine maintenance or the pump in preparation for use at the lift station. The operation portion of the event involves installation of the piping, programming the set up and starting the pump.

  • Process Event

    • This event is an opportunity for teams to demonstrate their accumulated knowledge of wastewater treatment and skill in plant process control and simulation. The event consists of two components, a 30-minute written exam and a 15-minute process simulation. The written exam covers a number of multiple choice word questions and math questions, and a minimum of 2 process scenario questions. Teams have 30 minutes to compete in this event and correctly answer as many questions as possible. The simulation component covers various process tasks that team members have to achieve in a period of 15 minutes.   Link to the Simulator

  • Safety Event

    • You find a co-worker at the bottom of a (confined space) manhole unconscious. You suspect they have been overcome with an unknown chemical gas or lack of oxygen – Let the safety event begin.

  • PWO Technical Session and Tour

    • The requirement for continuous learning and professional development in the wastewater industry is the focus of the PWO Technical Session and Tour. Sessions involving current issues will be presented and a tour of a local facility related to the wastewater field is offered for conference participants.

  • Totally Wasted Game Show (TWGS)

    • Fashioned after a popular television game show, the TWGS quizzes contestants with questions comparable to those found on Provincial Certification exams. The TWGS is both educational and entertaining as teams (comprised of a consultant, OPCEA supplier & professional operator) compete for top honours.


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