2017 Collections Seminar



2017 Collections Seminar

Going With the Flow:  Successfully Planning, Managing and Leveraging Rainfall & Flow Monitoring Programs

This Year’s Theme:  Rainfall and Flow Monitoring Programs

The goal of this workshop is to review flow monitoring from all perspectives:  planner, service provider, owner, operator, analyst and end-user.  We’ll cover:

  •      What to consider when planning a program and ensuring it is Fit-for-Purpose
  •      How to maximize data collection success and interpret challenging data
  •      Sharing our successes: what has worked, and where is the industry headed

This is an opportunity to discuss issues and experiences and to exchange ideas with industry colleagues, including service providers and end-users. 

Full Program Agenda

Registration fees increase October 1, 2017.

  • WHERE: Mississauga Grand Convention Centre
  • WHEN: Wednesday, October 18 - 07:45AM
$423.75 Non Member Rate

$375. + HST - Includes one year WEAO membership

LOGIN$282.50 WEF/WEAO Membership RatePrice available to WEF/WEAO Members only.

$250 + HST

LOGIN$169.50 WEF/WEAO YP Membership RatePrice available to Young Professional Members only.

$150 + HST

LOGIN$67.80 WEF/WEAO Student Membership RatePrice available to Student Members only.

$60 + HST


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