2018 WWT&T Microbiology Workshop



2018 WWT&T Microbiology Workshop



Attend this Wastewater Microbiology Workshop to learn about:

  • Microbiology of activated sludge
  • Activated sludge floc structure analysis
  • Filamentous organisms in activated sludge
  • Causes of activated sludge bulking/foaming and control

Hands-on training provided by Jianrong Liu (ETO Solutions Corp.) and Dave Neely (D&D Environmental Technology) to identify filaments, including staining techniques and morphology to identify specific filamentous organisms.


Speaker Bios

Event Flyer

Space is limited to 30 attendees.

  • Bring your own samples, or use those provided at the workshop.
  • Bring your lab coat
  • Bring your microscope, if available (may be shared with up to three other attendees)

Directions inside Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant

Contact information



  • WHERE: Ashbridges Bay Treatment Treatment Plant - Training Centre
  • WHEN: Wednesday, March 28 - 08:00AM

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