2019 WEFTEC - WEAO events



2019 WEFTEC - WEAO events

Water Environment Federation: The Water Quality People

September 21-25, 2019  McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois  https://www.weftec.org/


Planning to attend WEFTEC in Chicago?  Support WEAO by attending these events:


Student Design Competition

University of Guelph will be representing WEAO.  Come out to support our team!  Sunday, September 22 at 8:00am in Room S105a. Shuttle service begins from hotels to McCormick Place at 6:30am


Canadian Icebreaker: 

Sunday, September 22 from 5-9 pm at Public House (400 N. State Street, Chicago  60654)

Registration available at the door:  $100


Operations Challenge

WEAO is proud of our three teams competing this year at WEFTEC.  Here are their scheduled appearances:

Monday, September 23 - Lab

3:30 pm   London Sludge Hogs

4:00 pm Durham Sludgehammers

4:00 pm Ashbridges High Levels - Toronto


Tuesday, September 24

9:00 am Ashbridges High Levels -- Pump

10:00 am London Sludge Hogs -- Collections

10:00 am Durham Sludgehammers -- Safety

11:30 am London Sludge Hogs -- Pump

12:00 pm Ashbridges Bay High Levels -- Collections

12:30 pm Durham Sludgehammers -- Collections

2:00 pm London Sludge Hogs -- Safety

2:00 pm Durham Sludgehammers -- Pump

2:30 pm Ashbridges High Levels -- Safety


Operator Ingenuity Award

The Smooth Move Award

This award, presented on September 25, goes to John Presta and George Pelzowski of the Corbett Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (Whitby, Ontario) who were dealing with jammed, manual, aluminum channel sluice gates. The aluminum gates had fused to the aluminum channels. Staff often were resorting to cutting out the gate to resolve the problem. To address this issue, the Corbett Creek team ordered new gates from various suppliers. Their clever twist came in how to install them: They welded side slide tabs to the new gates that let them fit in the original channels perfectly. They also added a rubber stop at the bottom of the gate to help the seal.

George will present their award-winning fix on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the WEF Innovation Pavilion.

  • WHERE: McCormick Place Chicago, Illinois
  • WHEN: Saturday, September 21 - 12:00PM

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