Conference Committee

The Conference Committee has the singular, monumental task of planning, organizing, and running the WEAO’s annual Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition.

The Conference Committee sits from September through June and is responsible for managing all planning, revenue and expenditures for the event. We organize and assign volunteers, coordinate with local facilities and work with all WEAO committees to plan, organize, and run the WEAO’s annual Technical Symposium.

Committee Chair

Max Rao

Aquafy Water Technologies Inc.

Nancy Afonso

City of Toronto

Chantelle Bazowsky

Terrapure Organics Solutions

Bram Bontje

Dillon Consulting Limited

Linda Cooke-Weaver BAS

Wolseley Canada

Merry Dang

ASI Group

John Devlin

ACG Envirocan

John Duong

Region of Halton

Marcus Henderson

KSB Pumps Inc.

Emily Irwin

City of Toronto

Hany Jadaa


Erin Longworth


Tony Petrucci

Richard Szigeti

City of Toronto

Geoff Totten


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