Moving Into The Next Chapter

Written by Heather Tyrrell


What a whirlwind few months at the Water Environment Association of Ontario. Not just for me - although as the incoming Chief Administrative Officer I can tell you it’s been a ride - but for the WEAO, its members, and particularly, our online presence.

We’re proud of where we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished. And we’re excited to move into the next chapter.

Under direction of the Board, the WEAO has identified key areas for growth and improvement: to grow our membership, bringing more networking opportunities and industry connections to the WEAO community and to expand the WEAO’s influence as a thought leader, an environmental champion, and a force for good practice in our industry.

At the heart, we want to be the preeminent organization of technical and professional individuals dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Ontario's water environment.  

But, above all else, these strategic growth areas need to be useful and valuable to our members and our community. The WEAO needs to be efficient, effective, and continuously improving the experiences for all stakeholders in the water and environment fields. We have hired a small digital marketing team, Arke Marketing Group, to help us address these areas of growth. And we’re excited to move forward with WEAO’s online and digital domains.

The Association’s new website is the community hub our members have been waiting for - and it’s been designed with our members in mind. Dedicated committee pages are informative and engaging for those interested in participating, but localized and useful for our members who have already joined the team.

The WEAO calendar is our event hub, and we’re excited to offer up-to-date information on our community events, conferences, and seminars along with an end-to-end registration process that will make it easy to sign up for an event online. The new member portal also makes it easy to stay involved in the organization, participate in discussions, read the latest industry news, and have fast easy access to everything the WEAO has to offer.

It’s all available on desktop and optimized for mobile. The WEAO, its committees, and its member hub is now more accessible, easier to use, and online wherever you are.

Our newest addition, rounding out the new digital infrastructure, is the WEAO’s social media presence. We’re striving to make things as accessible as possible for our members - and by following our official Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages all of the information you need is at your fingertips. It’ll be the go-to home of the latest news, event updates, conference hashtags, and terrible water puns. It’ll also make getting in touch with the WEAO that much easier - you can ask questions and submit ideas directly through our social media, and we’ll connect you to the right people.

It’s a broad set of changes. But we hope that being a WEAO member is now much more efficient, effective, and exciting. I’ve been so proud to be a part of the WEAO these short few months. The enthusiasm of our volunteers, our Board members, our base membership and our young professionals has made my job so rewarding. I’m happy to be a part of making the WEAO into the preeminent organization in our industry.

Thank you for your dedication to the WEAO, for your continued support of our goals, and your commitment to our mission.

- Heather Tyrrell, CAE


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