Residual and Biosolids

The R&B team promotes discussion, education, and information exchange regarding best practices on residual and biosolids processing and reuse.


Oct 07, 2016

WEAO Biosolids Videos

Check out our award-winning biosolids video!


This committee is open to members from the wastewater environment industry impacting residuals and biosolids. Our mission is to promote responsible and sustainable residuals and biosolids management practices that protect public health and the environment.

Committee Chair

Sangeeta Chopra

Ontario Clean Water Agency

Nancy Afonso

City of Toronto

José Bicudo Ph.D., PE.

Region of Waterloo

Shelly Bonte-Gelok

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Geoff Boyd

Walker Environmental Group Inc.

Peter Burrowes


Rachel Chow P.Eng.


Tihamer Csiba

Don Ford

Oxford County

Donald Hoekstra

Ontario Clean Water Agency

Adriana Hulse Mrs

City of Ottawa

Dean Iamarino


Janice Janiec

Benoit Lebeau


Doug Legge


Nancy Liu

Erin Longworth


Praneeta Moti

City of Toronto

Banu Ormeci

Carleton University

Irwin Osinga

Michael Payne

Black Lake Environmental

Patricia Quackenbush

Joshua Ranger

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

Deborah Ross


mark rupke

Veolia Water Canada Inc

Valera Saknenko

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

Reuben Scholtens

Maple Reindeers Group

Phil Sidhwa

Orgatec Energy Inc.

Ajay Singh

Lystek International Inc

Shirley Anne Smyth

Environment Canada

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