WEAO 2018 Conference Volunteering Program

The WEAO 2018 Conference will be held at the London Convention Centre. The annual conference brings together professionals in the water/wastewater industry and provides them with a forum for knowledge sharing, education, and networking.

Why Volunteer

Volunteering at WEAO’s conference is a rewarding experience that comes with great benefits, including:

  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Kick-start your career
  • Personal gratification
  • Insight on current industry trends
  • It’s Fun!

How to Sign Up

Go to http://www.weao.org/annual_conference to register for the conference ($10 for students).

Sign up for volunteer position as: https://www.volunteersignup.org/DDRWQ

Volunteer Position Description

Ice Breaker- Greeter / Counter

As greeters, you will check and count the badges of each individual for appropriate marking before they are admitted to the Sunday Evening Ice Breaker. If they do not have this event marked off on their badge, please direct them to the registration booth located outside the Exhibition Hall. This is a good opportunity to say hello to old friends and begin your exposure to the conference environment. 

YP/Water for People (WFP) Booth Attendant

The YP/WFP booth, located in or near the OPCEA Tradeshow floor will be staffed by volunteers who will answer questions from exhibition attendees about our committee and Water for People. This volunteer position is good for new members who would like to engage further with the WEAO.

Water for People Social Event - Ticket Sales / Admission

During the Monday night event, volunteers will be stationed at the entrance to collect admission tickets. Please note that there are two types of tickets -- one at $50 which includes dinner, and the other at $20 which is for admittance only after 9pm for entertainment portion of evening.  This is a good volunteer opportunity for those looking to increase their exposure to industry members. This is a great way to meet other young professionals, seasoned professionals, and industry members.  

Awards Luncheon – Greeter / Counter

This event will be held at the Hilton Hotel ballroom.  As greeters and counters, you will check the badges of individuals entering the Monday awards luncheon for proof of purchase, and count the number of attendees entering the lunch area.

OPCEA Exhibition Lunch – Line Monitor / Counter

The Tuesday luncheon is on the OPCEA Exhibition floor. It will be your responsibility to mark the badge and count each individual entering the lunch area, confirming that they have received their meal. 

Banquet - Greeter / Counter

The Tuesday banquet requires a greeter at the door to check and count each individual entering the event who must present a Banquet ticket. This ticket is also used for a complimentary drink, so tickets will not be collected by Greeters.

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