Wastewater Practitioners Group

The Environmental Approvals Branch of the Ministry of the Environment (EAB) and the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) have formed a Wastewater Practitioner's Working Group (WPG) to create a forum for discussion on municipal, industrial and storm water management. Both groups will contribute to the information exchange, the technical discussions, training and finding opportunities for improvement of the Approvals process and its operational practices.


Need for Air and Noise ECAs for Sewage Treatment Plants

MECP - Spills Action Centre

RPWCP - CSA Wastewater Management Standard

Experience of Wastewater System Wide ECA

WW Practitioner - Water Reuse - York Region (Theresa M.)

RPWCO W/W Subcommittee Update - Inflow and Infiltration

Inflow and Infiltration in New Construction Update

One Year Service Standard Environmental Compliance

Operator Certification Program - Proposed ORO/OIC Guidelines

Overall Responsible Operator and Operator-in-Charge Responsibilities - Draft Certification Guide

Overview of the Quality and Completeness of Wastewater ECA Applications

Transfer of Review (TOR) Program

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